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In an ironic twist of fate, Idealog columnist and NZTE executive David Downs flew in and out of the Chilean capital Santiago just hours before the 8.3 magnitude quake hit the country on Thursday. The column he wrote while he was there, little knowing the disaster that was about to unfold, gives cultural, political and business insights into a country about to suddenly and unwillingly find itself in the international news spotlight.


How Christchurch can be rebuilt so as to have greater resistance to potential future shocks has been the question on many a mind, and now an information paper just released by the Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ) hopes to provide some direction for the city’s design future. But it’s not all about the future. The paper also analyses earthquake damage to buildings in Christchurch from the 4 September earthquake, and its associated aftershocks.


We’ve talked about a number of initiatives underway in Christchurch that address the challenge of how to best rebuild Christchurch. And taking heed of what up and coming architecture students in Christchurch have in mind for the rebuild seems like another good idea. Now twelve third year Architectural Design and Technology students from Christchurch’s Design and Arts College of New Zealand's (D&A), who were in some capacity impacted by the February earthquake, will showcase their ideas in an exhibition called Revitalise.

Architecture/Structural Design

There’s any number of opinions as to why some buildings in Christchurch stood up to the quake while others were decimated. Now in a bid to lay those questions to rest, the terms of reference for the The Royal Commission’s Inquiry into Building Failure caused by Canterbury Earthquakes have been finalised and include an inquiry into the adequacy of current legal and best-practice requirements for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings in central business districts in New Zealand.


Cup and Show Week is one of the biggest tickets on the Christchurch events calendar, and it’s hoped an initiative announced by the Central City Property Owners and Business Group, Civil Defence and the Christchurch City Council, will help get the CBD up and running in time for the week long festival of fashion, races, agricultural and entertainment events.