What I learnt from the NZTech Developing Diversity event

Diversity pays

What I learnt from the NZTech Developing Diversity event

Gender diversity in tech is a key issue playing out in discussion circles at the moment, but how do companies best implement action around it? Rush founder and CTO Danu Abeysuriya is keen to take steps towards more diversity within the company, and so headed along to the NZTech Women Developing Diversity event held earlier this month. Here are his key gleanings.

New Zealand Innovation Awards

They say that with age comes wisdom – but clearly that's something these amazing young innovators from New Zealand and around the world already have. The question is, are there any other young innovators out there deserving of recognition at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards?


The ascendance of New Zealand’s technology sector as a key driver of our economy’s success cannot be ignored. But for our success stories to build something better than just another Silicon Valley of the South Pacific, they need to make changes now to be better at the one thing Silicon Valley keeps failing at - diversity in the workplace, urges Xero’s Craig Hudson.

Don't hate the player

Auckland, like many of the world’s big cities, is often pilloried in the provinces. But, while you might not live there, you’d be worse off without it, writes Professor Shaun Hendy. And if New Zealand is to prosper in the knowledge economy, we need to quit the parochialism.