Dil Khosa

A Day in The Life: TechWomen and Mentemia's Dil Khosa

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A Day in The Life: TechWomen and Mentemia's Dil Khosa

"Dil Khosa is working on multiple projects in the tech ecosystem, from operations & people at Mentemia, a mental wellness tech organisation, to being a NZ Ambassador for StartupGenome. She's also an advisor to NarrativeMuse, the co-chair of Tech Women NZ and the former operations director of Parrot Analytics. She recently restructured her life after experiencing burn-out triggered by her busy executive career and is leading a much more balanced life these days. She shares the key learnings she's gleaned after readjusting her work and lifestyle, her daily rituals and how she reached an improved, healthier outlook on life.

Most Creative People

Parrot Analytics operations manager Dil Khosa was one of the People's Choice winners for the digital category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. She aims to change the way television and entertainment is measured, has a wide variety of skills and that means she’s been involved in pretty much everything across the fast-growing company. A voice for the importance of data, she boldly says: “The sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians.” Here, she discusses creativity, innovation and taking risks.