How to commercialise your creative idea with Mike Hutcheson

Creativity Month

How to commercialise your creative idea with Mike Hutcheson

Business is an inherently creative pursuit: ideas are had, actions are taken, experiments are conducted, failures occur, and the cycle continues. But while cultivating a great idea is one thing, how do you ensure the idea has legs to be commercialised? We sat down with advertising legend, Mike Hutcheson, to figure out just that.

Arts smarts

There’s lots of ways to make a living as a creative, but often the focus is on the two main ways to do so: either by working as an artist, or by working in arts-adjacent roles. But according to Mike Hutcheson, adjunct professor at Auckland University of Technology, formerly one of New Zealand's leading ad executives and a mentor for TBI's Mentoring in the Arts programme, there’s a third way: applying your arts skills in a commercial context.

Very clever Kiwis

The finalists for the sixth annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards have been announced – featuring such innovations as infinitely rechargeable batteries and nitrate sensors being developed by a University of Canterbury chemistry expert. Once again, it’s proof that New Zealand punches far above its weight when it comes to research making the world a better place.

She's worked for multinationals like Pfizer, as well as smaller startup organisations and within government, including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. But as of late 2013, Elizabeth Hopkins has shifted her focus to academia with her appointment to the role of director at Lincoln University's Research and Commercialisation Office.