Claire Amos

A Day in the Life: Education trailblazer Claire Amos

A day in the life

A Day in the Life: Education trailblazer Claire Amos

Claire Amos is the principal of Albany Senior High School, helped establish and facilitate DisruptED (an online community for educators interested in leading change) and is on the board of NetsafeNZ and 21C Skills Lab. Here's how she gets through the day, how she organises her time and how she handles the madness of the education sector.

Wellbeing Month

After an eventful week, the government finally debuted what The New York Times has called 'New Zealand's next liberal milestone': the 2019 Wellbeing Budget, the first of its kind where spending is guided by what best encourages the wellbeing of the country's citizens, rather than just economic prosperity. We reached out to a range of industry players and asked them what the most important issue the budget tackled was, as well as where there was room for improvement. Here's what The Icehouse's Andy Hamilton, The Ground Breaking Podcast's Eli Smit, Swaytech's Bob Pinchin, education futurist Claire Amos, The Workshop's Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw and more had to say.