Businesses are joining students to climate strike this Friday. Bron Thomson shares why Springload’s getting on board

Business for change

Businesses are joining students to climate strike this Friday. Bron Thomson shares why Springload’s getting on board

A group of Australian, New Zealand and global businesses have come together under Not Business As Usual umbrella to pledge support for workers participating in climate strikes alongside students, which are happening across the world on September 20 and 27. Aotearoa’s climate strikes are taking place this Friday 27 September, and Wellington-based digital design agency Springload is among the companies that will be marching side-by-side with students. CEO Bron Thomson has a chat about why her business is getting involved – read on for the details on how to take part, too.

Exit interview

Simon Moutter has just wrapped up a seven-year tenure at telecommunications company Spark. Under his rein, the changes the company has gone through are nothing short of radical, with from its name (Telecom to Spark), its operating model (traditional to agile), its culture (problematic to inclusive) and its structure (one monopoly brand to many). Here, Moutter has a candid chat about his journey as CEO, the company's push to be a more diverse and inclusive workplace and how one of his biggest lessons learned was he couldn’t solve a cultural issue with processes and strategy.


PHD business director ​Amber Conroy asks, how do we continue to evolve our creativity and ideas at the same rate as the industry we work in? The answer, as vulnerability and shame researcher and TEDX speaker Brené Brown says, is vulnerability – the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

Audacious change

In an era where large-scale action is needed to address the looming environmental, social and economic challenges, business represents the single most potent, organised force for change on earth. This is the belief of Tickled Pink's Jerry Beale, who is a former social and cultural strategist at agency True and spearheads a business that helps to boost New Zealand companies' bottom line performance and staff engagement by helping them increase employee happiness, find their purpose and strengthen their workplace culture. Here, he has a chat about why we will see more brands like Patagonia that donate US$10 million to fight climate change, why business has become a forceful movement for change and how New Zealand businesses are doing when it comes to embracing audacious change.

Climate Week, brought to you by Kiwibank

Solar power is changing - not just how we generate power from the Sun, but where we are setting up solar panels. And thanks to innovations like rechargeable solar batteries and falling prices for generating power, a solar revolution may be upon us.

Wakey wakey

The well-known motto reduce, reuse, recycle is being taken to the next level by local heroes and abroad - big changes, led by the small.

Looks can be revealing

Micro-trends in fashion are constantly changing – one minute we’re being told we should be wearing harem pants, and the next you shouldn’t be seen dead in them. TRA's Claire Tutill and designer Rory Docherty explain how there's far more to it than just what looks good.