Cassie Roma

Why we need death to marketing slang


Why we need death to marketing slang

Let's be honest, marketers have fun jobs, head of content marketing at the Warehouse Group Cassie Roma says. They live their lives in not only lost and wading through spreadsheets of media placements–- but also in beautifully inspirational narrative, nuanced creative iteration, and in strange absurdities that shine glittery, gritty, nuanced neon light into the world. However, they also tend to speak in a foreign language to most people, which can be alienating. Here, she explains why we need to can the marketing slang.

Ask the crowd

After widespread condemnation for Facebook’s role in the Christchurch terror attacks – along with Mark Zuckerberg’s placid response – the social media giant has finally responded to public scrutiny. It has banned users from its live streaming services if they “violate our most serious policies”, plus it has put 7.5 million into research to improve video analysis technology. To make sense of the new changes, we ask local social media experts and technologists whether the world’s most powerful company could have done more to prevent social media hate crimes, featuring The Warehouse Group's Cassie Roma, Springload's Bron Thomson, Spacetime's Alex Bartley Catt and ocial and digital media communication strategist Troy Rawhiti-Connell.

Channel blackout

Lush UK recently released a bold and cryptic message that slammed social media channels, their algorithms and their pay-for-play strategy, and said it would be going dark on their social media channels and talking with their community in other ways. Head of content marketing at The Warehouse Group Cassie Roma explains why she's all for Lush taking a risk, quitting social media and putting their money where their heart is, given the ethical problems the social media giants have been facing as of lately.


Oh, muffin. In case you missed the news this week, Muffin Break Australia's general manager slammed 'entitled' Millennials who no longer want to work for free in order to get ahead in the workplace. Head of content marketing at The Warehouse Group, Cassie Roma shares why doing business with millennials (or any progressive-minded human, for that matter) isn’t hard – it's about putting people before percentages, and heart counts before headcounts.