Who hijacked the co-working space?


Who hijacked the co-working space?

Bizdojo and CoLo co-founder Lachlan Sloan says the community of people that believe in the power of co-working is diverse, passionate and growing, but as the sector grows in size, the true benefits of it are getting lost as organisations that care less about the community get on board. Here, he shares his frustrations with the current state of the co-working industry and offers some solutions.

Take a look

Auckland’s GridAKL co-working space is expanding – and is welcoming the public to come and celebrate and to check out the future of co-working in the City of Sails.

Reality check

Entrepreneurship is well known for having a culture of grinding towards success, with workaholics like Elon Musk and Tim Cook held up as successful modern-day superheroes. However, this same culture has given way to serious concerns around founder mental health, both here and further abroad. BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring opens up about his experience with anxiety and depression, and shares some of the insights the company has gleaned into New Zealand founder mental health through its research.

Idealog + ATEED

GridAKL is preparing to open two new buildings in Auckland this year, bringing its footprint to 12,000 square metres. But, as Anna Bradley-Smith discovers, there’s a lot more to it than cool co-working locations. Through a focus on community, place and services, GridAKL is at the heart of a booming innovation precinct that is helping to grow – and diversify – the economy and position Auckland as a high-tech innovation hub of the Asia Pacific region.

Virtual realities

A new VR and mixed-reality centre has launched in Wellington. That, by itself, is not news. But what is news: the fact that Projectr is being launched with the help of Victoria University of Wellington and other high-profile supporters for far more than just making immersive games.


While founder mental health is an important discussion to have, the effect the pressures can have on the founder's loved ones is an equally important topic. BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring shares the lessons he's learnt on how to ensure friends and family are well supported when someone is undergoing a founder journey.

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Co-working was once viewed as a micro-trend that would come and go, but doomsday predictors couldn’t have been further from the truth. The movement shows no signs of slowing down – and neither does one of New Zealand’s most profilic co-working space providers, BizDojo, which has just announced a Sylvia Park site. So, what’s the appeal for landlords?


Entrepreneurship is well known for having a culture of grinding towards success, but at what cost? BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring shares his personal experience with the toll starting a business took on his mental health, as well as what the wider founder community had to say about their experiences.