Idealog #68, the Technology Issue, out now!

Gratuitous self-promotion

Idealog #68, the Technology Issue, out now!

The 2018 Technology issue of Idealog is out now, and is worth getting your hands on to experience some seriously awesome tech. This issue features a cover illustration by talented 3D motion graphic artist Guangyu Li, as well as an AR cover created by Staples VR, a profile of education disruptor Claire Amos, interviews with Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron and Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck about deep sea and space exploration, a Q&A with Google Empathy Lab founder Danielle Krettek on how it's time for technology to find its EQ and with ex-Wired editor Scott Dadich and Patrick Godfrey about making design inclusive for the masses, a look at the New Zealand companies hacking humanity and altering life as we know it, as well a dive into whether tech can save the te reo Maori language, the 2018 Tin Report, and much, much more. In the spirit of gratuitous self-promotion, read on for a full breakdown of what you can expect in the latest issue.

Stay cool

Brand Spanking director and creative strategist Mark Pickering and Z Energy creative technologist Spencer Willis popped into SXSW in Austin, Texas. Here's what went down.

The future is here

For a few days in early January, Las Vegas becomes the centre of the technology universe thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As the world's largest consumer technology show, it stands to reason that there are many incredible products and innovations to be found each year. 

Crystal ball-gazing

The retail industry is a fast-paced, uncertain minefield, where retailers must keep up with the latest trends and expectations to survive in the market. This year saw many trends come in and out, but what can retailers expect to face from 2018?