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Idealog’s 2019 Reimagination Issue is out now!


The 2019 Reimagination issue of Idealog is out now and explores the art of reinvention in business and why it’s never too late to pivot into new areas. Inside, there are stories on why Burger Burger co-founder Mimi Gilmour is fighting the good fight to keep face-to-face interactions alive, a Q&A with Garage Project co-founder Jos Ruffell on his new book and the creative process behind its iconic beers, who controls your data and how to protect your online personal data on our home turf, a look at what New Zealand’s biggest sectors will look like in 500 years’ time, all the Purple and Black Pin winners from the 2019 Best Design Awards, and more. Read on for a full breakdown of what to expect inside the issue, and where to find your copy. 

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If you need a little more convincing, read on for what’s in store in the latest issue.


What will New Zealand’s biggest industries look like in 500 years’ time? Thanks to our friends at Tech Futures Lab, we bring you a look at the future from some of New Zealand’s most inspiring business leaders across the fields of design, technology, advertising, food, finance and more. We tasked them with picturing what their industry would look like in 2520, as well as the world. Would we have a similar set of problems to what we have now, or different ones? 

One woman versus the digital world 

We profile Mimi Gilmour, the boss behind hospitality chain Burger Burger and find out why she’s fighting the Uber Eats movement and trying to protect the sacredness of face-to-face interactions through great food, great booze, social activations like speed dating and more. 

When design and beer collide 

Garage Project co-founder Jos Ruffells talks about the evolution of the now iconic staple in New Zealand’s beer scene, the creative process behind the design of each beer, how they keep ideating after being around almost a decade, and more.

Who owns your data?

In light of the recent Netflix documentary The Great Hack, we take a look at the ways you can protect your online personal data on our home turf.

New Zealand’s typographic landscape

We get an audience with the man who’s etching himself firmly into Aotearoa’s typeface landscape – Kris Sowersby. He talks about the changing nature of type design in New Zealand, its meaning and value in our lives, and his plans for the future.

Walking underwater

We chat to the Auckland man who’s the engineer behind some of the most famous underwater buildings in the world, from the first ever underwater restaurant in the Maldives to our very own Kelly Tarlton’s. 

25 things with Kirsten Lunman

Hatch co-founder and general manager Kirsten Lunman shares how to build a healthy company culture, what she’s learnt growing start-ups into bigger businesses, ways we can get more women into leadership roles and more. 

Best of the Best

We take a look at all the Black and Purple Pin winners from the 2019 Best Design Awards.

Social innovation

Judith Thompson and Jade Tang-Taylor look at the organisations that are reimagining a better world through design.

Plus way more exciting content that we don’t have the space to mention here. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy a copy of the Reimagination Issue here, or sign up for an annual subscription to Idealog here.

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