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Idealog #70, the Creativity Issue, out now!

You can buy a copy of the Creativity Issue here, or sign up for an annual subscription to Idealog here.

If you need a little more convincing, read on for a breakdown of what’s inside the latest issue.

–  We profile nine designers’ responses to the Christchurch terrorist attacks, and have featured the Kotahitanga pin?, which has raised about $80,000 for victims so far, on the cover.

– Design Assembly founder Louise Kellerman shares 25 predictions, worries, wants and improvements for the future of New Zealand design.

– We go inside a day in the life of Nat Cheshire, the designer and architect behind some of Auckland’s most character-defining developments, such as City Works Depot and Britomart. 

– We share the stunning results of our wool challenge, where we tasked seven talented studios with recreating an everyday object using wool.

– Findlay Buchanan explores how digital design alters our behaviour, what constitutes good UX design and the potential for better UX design in the public sector.

– Anna Bradley-Smith chats with the founders of myReflection, a 3D printed breast prosthetic company which is helping women recover a sense of themselves after a mastectomy.

– Judith Thomson and Jade Tang-Taylor look at the different initiatives to increase diversity in design within New Zealand.

– Elly Strang explores the issue of mental health within the creative industries, and how different people are tackling the problem through their work.

– Vaughan Rowsell shares his experience of buying an old outdoor education centre in Raglan to transform into an envirotech and innovation centre.

– Findlay Buchanan talks to the architects, planners, and the urban progressives, who are helping to reshape Auckland City from an angsty teenager into a young adult.

– Ben Mack profiles all the impressive winners of the 2018 Best Awards.

Plus way more exciting content that we don’t have the space to mention here. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy a copy of the Creativity Issue here, or sign up for an annual subscription to Idealog here.

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