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‘Digital’ innovation: Giapo’s wearable, edible tech

Asking Giapo chef and owner Gianpaolo Grazioli to take his ice cream to new heights isn’t a hard task – there is a constant stream of innovative creations coming out of the store’s R&D department. He’s also previously told Idealog the company is keen to collaborate with a tech company or harness high-tech to go where no ice cream maker has gone before.

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“We want to do something with holograms, and we’re interested in virtual reality, artificial intelligence applied in the kitchen, things like that,” he said.

For its technology experiment, the ice cream maker has taken a step in this direction with the creation of wearable ice cream cones.

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Grazioli says the collection of ice creams is designed to fit on a fingertip rather than be held in the hand, but the design of the cone ensures there’s no ice cream leakage. Instead, the waffle cone is cut across the middle, while the bottom part of the cone points up inside the wider top part, creating a double layer that’s sealed together by chocolate.

Think a finger puppet, made edible.

The rings are also crafted in chocolate and fit on the fingertips, just like the childhood Burger Rings and Cheezels that kids tended to place on their fingers. Grazioli says the wearable ice cream was a concept the team had thought about for a while and decided to bring it to life when Idealog asked them to take part in this experiment.

He says the idea came about when they began looking at ice cream with a different lens.

“We look at what ice cream currently is, but more importantly, what it can potentially be. We see a world where foods can transcend traditional functions,” Grazioli says. “We’re not bound by dogma: we understand the importance of having moments of pure glee: there’s something inherently fun about wearing food rather than merely holding it.”


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