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Blunt Umbrellas, Oxfam NZ and Flox make limited edition umbrellas for charity

For every umbrella sold, $30 will be donated to Oxfam New Zealand to help sustainable, transformational, crop growing programmes in Pacific nations. 

Following on from Blunt’s campaign with artist Dick Frizzell last year, two designs from Auckland-based stencil artist Flox will be printed on Blunt’s popular Classic and Metro styles.

As part of the campaign, creative agency Motion Sickness worked on a video to celebrate the collaboration, shot while Flox completed a mural for the project on York St in Newmarket, close to Blunt’s headquarters.

In the video, Flox is seen working on the mural, walking through Auckland Domain’s Winter Gardens and hanging out in her studio.

She talks about her artistic journey, her pride in working for Oxfam NZ, and the work they do helping vulnerable communities affected by climate change.

She says her main source of inspiration comes from “this beautiful country, Aotearoa, nature, the great outdoors and also the environment”.

When talking about the brief for the project, she says she selected New Zealand birds that had the most amount of colour.

“When we think about New Zealand flora and fauna we think of dark-greens and some really underbrush browns as opposed to our friends in the Pacific where we have lots of bright, fruity colours, so I wanted to find a nice mid-ground there.”

Only 3,000 of the ‘Flox for Blunt’ umbrellas are available at Bluntumbrellas.com and selected retailers, and Motion Sickness creative director and founder Sam Stuchbury says the public has really picked up on the campaign.

“It’s done really well in the first two days with 500 sold and we’re having calls from sold-out retailers wanting more stock,” says Stuchbury.

He says a key part of the campaign was a carefully planned social media strategy and media buy.

“We used primarily Facebook and Instagram and a variety of ads and audiences to reach the right people. The social media activity we run for Blunt is a key part of their marketing and growth strategy, it’s awesome to work with a brand the people really want to get their hands on.”

“It’s exciting to see Blunt become a global brand, but it’s cool to still be able to have a New Zealand focused campaign,” Stuchbury says.

Charlene Fitisemanu, corporate relationships executive for Oxfam NZ, adds the umbrella will do more than just protect people from the rain for years to come.

“The funds it raises will help to create a more sustainable future for thousands of families in places like Vanuatu and East Timor.”

Josh Page, global brand manager for Blunt, says the company is excited to have released a visually stunning, beautiful piece alongside the amazing technology of their umbrellas.

He says Flox had been on their radar from a number of different directions.

“It’s also cool to work with an artist with New Zealand roots, just like Dick Frizzell. She has a passion for New Zealand flora and fauna, and synergy with Oxfam New Zealand and the work they do.”

The Metro Umbrella sells for $119 and $139 for the Classic.

This story first appeared at StopPress.
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