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Evie Lid: The New Zealand-made compostable coffee cup lid

The Evie Lid decomposes in around 23 days in a domestic compost bin, making it one of the first of its kind in the world.

Managing Director of EnviroKea, Chris Thomson, is excited about the development. “The Evie lid is what the industry has needed for years and I’m delighted to see it finally come to fruition. As a society we buy billions of take away coffees per year. That’s an awful lot of coffee cup lids that are sitting in recycling or landfill that are not breaking down. We feel really strongly about the environment and it is important that we do everything we can to protect the planet for future generations.”

The Evie Lid is AsureQuality certified organic and has received the composting certification for the likes of commercial composters such as Living Earth. This means it can be put into the compost under stringent control and in an environment like a festival where no other contamination can take place and it is easily sorted.

“Coffee cups have been getting a bit of a hard time lately, not all of it deserved.  It’s easy to overlook that there is 15 times more plastic in the lid than the cup, so it’s the lid that is the true villain.  There are also a  lot of lids out there that claim to be biodegradable such as Bamboo but they are not fully compostable like this  and up until now polylactic acid lids (PLA) have  been the best environmental option, however these lids are unstable and become brittle over time. They are also more difficult to compost than is claimed.. The Evie Lid is truly the first of its kind as it breaks down within 3 weeks. It’s exciting to know that this product will make a difference and there are plenty of opportunities for us to develop further products with this material. This will be a game changer” says Thomson.

Along with the Evie lid, EnviroKea produces a fully compostable coffee cup. Offering retailers and consumers the first ever opportunity to utilise a fully compostable product that won’t be clogging up our environment for decades to come. The first ever truly guilt free take-away coffee will be here and we are currently placing orders.

The Evie Lid is available now to order and EnviroKea is currently in numerous commercial conversations with major companies around New Zealand about supply.

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