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Kiwi Kickstarter o’ the week: the JAVA audiophile preamp

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Java uses an LDR-based circuit designed by Chris Daly, creator of the Stereo Coffee LDR control board (hence the ‘Java’ name). The Stereo Coffee LDR has gained something of a cult status among audiophiles, and now the Java adds new operational features and even better sound quality.

(Audio-nerd description: The LDR control board works by varying current to alter the intensity of an internal LED, which in turn varies resistance to adjust the volume level, creating the purest possible path for the delicate audio signal. Easy.)

Founder of the project, Martin Bell, says that, based on extensive listening tests, “the Java will compete with pre-amps in the US$10,000+ category.”

To that effect the pre-production prototype has already received gushing praise from Dr Richard Varey of TNT Audio and Peter Hardie of Reference Audio Systems, the later of whom said: “Over the last decade I’ve searched for a better sounding replacement for pre-amps….All credit to Chris for ending my search by developing the Java circuit, and Shane and Martin for the product design and skills to bring a highly desirable product to market. You won’t regret supporting the launch of this NZ high-end audio design”.

The units come in three prices brackets starting at $1999 for the JAVA Single Shot up to the NZ$2,999 Triple Shot and three high gloss finishes.

Pledges start from $10 (for which you’ll receive a hearty thanks from the team) to NZ$2,999 or more for which you’ll receive the JAVA Triple Shot, the fanciest version of the unit.

As for the campaign, the Java team are hoping to hit NZ$40,000 before July 17. Support it here

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