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Art Ache looks to satisfy NZ’s intelligentsia on a budget

This edition of the twice annual event happens May 5th and will include artists of note such as Rebecca Zephyr-Thomas, Zora Bell Boyd, Mary MacGregor-Reid and Angus McNaughton. All artists will be present on the night.

Collectable artworks especially created for the event will be available to purchase on the night, at entry level prices, with a limited number available for $50.00 each “to ensure fine art is available to love and cherish for art-loving New Zealanders on a normal wage”. 

Other artwork available on the night, selected at the artist’s discretion, may include sketches, studies, test strips, journal pages, old work, new work and unique studio treasures.

In addition to the above, one anonymous New Zealand artist, whose pieces sell for over $10,000, will be displaying and making work available for just $50. Not too shabby.

The artworks will also be available online for one week prior to the event for wider New Zealand.

The next show is on Thursday May 5th at The Golden Dawn, 134 Ponsonby Rd, and is curated by Aimee-Ralfini. There are also plans to roll out Art Ache nationally with the first show in Dunedin later this year.

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