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Complete Prose of James K. Baxter digitised and available for free online

The celebrated poet’s Complete Prose, which was published as a four-volume set last year by Victoria University Press, is now accessible through the NZETC (New Zealand Electronic Text Collection), Victoria University’s expanding digital resource, which also comprises historical texts, manuscripts, and contemporary texts.

It is edited by Baxter scholar John Weir, who began working on the publication 40 years ago. Its publication was met with praise by scholars, critics and Baxter fans.

The four volumes draw on Baxter’s prose writing from 1942 through to his ‘Confession to the Lord Christ’ shortly before his death in 1972.

Readers will also be able to browse reviews, essays, lectures, journal articles, interviews and correspondence with friends and critics.  

Fergus Barrowman, publisher at Victoria University Press, says Complete Prose is a significant addition to Baxter scholarship.

Complete Prose is a testament to Baxter’s huge contribution to New Zealand literature, culture and society. In its digital form, it will be readily accessible to many more readers, which will allow a continuing engagement with Baxter’s work.”

To access James K. Baxter: Complete Prose click here

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