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Roll and Pixel Push: getting the marketing ball literally rolling

That’s exactly the problem Roll, an Auckland-based company producing business management software developed for creatives, was facing this past spring.

To help them get their point across in a memorable way, they turned to Auckland-based animation studio Pixel Push, who put together a video showcasing Roll’s features while also making a much larger point.

The 109-second video features a marble rolling through different real and digital environments, while a voice-over explains the features of Roll and its advantages.

Pixel Push founder Han Law said that with a name like ‘Roll’, he had a feeling they’d be a good client to work with.

“We’re artists and designers,” he said. “We operate based on what intrigues us. It’s about creating something purposeful and meaningful.”

Law said a key part of the video was focusing on the “in-between” of the real and virtual world – a line that is becoming increasingly blurred each day.

“It’s not just an instructional video. It’s about intriguing people as well.”

A core team of three people worked on the video, Law said, in addition to a large number of friends and collaborators. Filmed in a garage, it was Pixel Push’s most time-consuming video.

“All parties recognized we wanted to make it right,” Law said. “That was the whole point, to set Roll apart. It’s very much a team effort.”

And not only was Roll impressed with the finished product, but it’s led to increased interest in Pixel Push.

“Rolling off the back – pun intended – is lots of positive prospects,” says Law.

Lisa Jansen from Roll agrees.

“They really got what Roll is about,” she said. “Simple is important to us. Our target audience is creatives. The way the marble is ‘rolling’ through the video is an awesome interpretation of what Roll is and does – end-to-end business management.”

Earlier this year, Roll took part in the Lightning Lab Accelerator Programme in Auckland. A funding round was closed in September, and now the company is focusing on marketing their product locally and overseas.

Pixel Push’s video will help get that ball rolling, Jansen says.

“Overall we love how Pixel Push have really taken the time to understand who we are, who our target market is, and what we’re all about, and created a video that is an amazing interpretation of our brand and value proposition on so many different levels.”

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