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Return to the Bloc

You may not know Tim Webber but you have probably seen his furniture grace the pages of many magazines.

Duffel stools, floating tables and pendants lights are just to name a few of his sophisticated designs.

A fan of the clean, minimal aesthetic he draws his inspiration from anything and everything.

“It’s mostly directed by the materials that I use and the natural aesthetic that materials give.

“The materials and manufacturing processes that we have available to us often inform the aesthetic and look we end up with,” explains Webber.

Shortly after Webber graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2010, he created his own working studio from which he designs and creates his range of furniture, lights and accessories.

Now opening a retail space at Bloc in Mt Eden alongside my personal favourite designer doggy company Eight Paws he thinks it is an exciting time to be opening up with design at the forefront of many New Zealanders minds.

“I think it’s becoming a lot more of a focus for people, they are becoming more aware of their space and taking pride in their homes

“More people are becoming more aware of where their stuff comes from and want to be able to support New Zealand designers and companies.”

Founder of Eight Paws, Peter Widdows believes people’s attitudes to furniture have changed in the last 10 years.

“They’re not demanding solid wood, people are aware that solid oak and macrocapa are in short supply so that thinking about veneers and ply-woods is becoming more accepted,” he says. 

Webber believes it is about changing people’s mindsets.

“There’s that throw away mentality that we have nowadays as consumers, that it lasts a couple of years and you throw it out.

“There’s still a lot to educate people about that and that’s the challenge. It’s about creating something that’s timeless that’s not just a fad that’s going to go out of date in a couple of years,” he says. “That’s the key to really good design.”

With something of a renovation boom going on in New Zealand—with the likes of Christchurch and Auckland desperately needing housing solutions—it is a perfect time for designers in New Zealand to get their work noticed.

“I think it’s exciting the whole New Zealand furniture and product design industry—there’s a whole community of emerging talent.

“New Zealand design has the ability to take centre stage on a global level too, with the likes of I love Ugly who are doing amazing things globally.”

Together this innovative pair have created a space that showcases and compliments each other’s products.

But this is not the first time Webber has showcased his work at Bloc.

The partnership between Eight Paws and Tim Webber Design was established when Widdows was working for Bo Concept.

“Tim approached me five years ago and showed me his portfolio of furniture and I loved it. I went to the manger and told them that we needed to give this guy a break and put some of his furniture on display.”

Coincidentally, the space where Webber showcased his furniture five years ago is the same space he will be in today.

Webber previously only had his showroom, which was by appointment only but hopes this space will be a platform to promote his brand to people who have not seen the product before.

Located on the second floor with purpose-built screens behind the café, you step into a furniture and dog lover’s dream.

Tim Webber Design and Eight Paws’ space officially launches tonight at Bloc from 5-9pm.

Recently graduated from AUT's journalism undergraduate programme, Catrin has a unhealthy love of dogs, sun, beaches, and coffee. She's also Welsh and proud to let you know it.

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