Perfectly formed cubes of raw food both excite and confuse at the same time
Food photography always takes the cake when it comes to piquing people’s interest, but this pair of Dutch artists has outdone themselves to create a beautiful geometric display of food.

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Lerenert & Sanders are a pair of Dutch artists who create theatrical, whimsical, and sometimes downright creepy conceptual projects for a number of design-centric campaigns in advertisement.

A project designed for a special documentary photography issue on food by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrankin 2014 showcased 98 unprocessed cuts of raw food in precise 2.5cm cubes aligned on a staggered grid.

People have been fascinated with the image on the internet, with Reddit even attempting to name all 98 cubes of food.

The original image is available to buy as a C-print and poster on their website.