3D on the rocks: carved ice sitting cool in some golden Suntory Whiskey

If you’re going to add ice to your whiskey, you might as well do it properly. From astronauts to Batman, these 3D ice sculptures are part of a very cool campaign from Japan’s Suntory Whiskey.

Suntory, a Japanese brewing and distilling company, released a campaign in 2014 that featured 3D ice sculptures that were created using a computer numerical control (CNC) milling router.

Called “3D on the Rocks”, the campaign was designed by Japanese media agency TBWA\Hakuhodo, a full-service advertising agency based in Tokyo.

The sculptures are created from a kind of 'inverse 3d printing technique', with the CNC machine chilled to -7 degrees Celsius to prevent the ice from melting.

According to the IBTimes, each sculpture took up to  six hours to create.

The campaign invited people to submit ideas for the 3D ice via web or smartphone.

The ice sculptures ranged from the Statue of Liberty, a scorpion, space ships, Godzilla, and even a bust of Batman.

Miwako Fujiwara from TBWA\Hakuhodo told CNET: "a touch of chilled whisky polishes the surface of the ice and gives a beautiful shine to the sculpture."

3D on the Rocks from mikkiichin on Vimeo.