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Kiwi artists paid to graffiti Hawaiian airport truck

The latest issue of Idealog magazine, out today, features anonymous graffiti duo BMD, who have thrown off their “bad boy” image and started taking on commercial projects.

Now the pair have come out with a video of their latest artwork – a painted Hawaiian Airlines truck-cum-airbridge, commissioned as part of the carrier’s 85th birthday celebrations.

BMD for Hawaiian Airlines from Jonas Maon on Vimeo.

One of BMD’s quirks is their anonymity. Like celebrity singer/song-writer Sia, who uses a stand-in dancer in her music videos and performs live with her back to the audience, BMD appear in their videos with their faces covered with dust masks and sun glasses.

BMD’s Honolulu-based graffiti work was part of the Pow! Wow! Hawaii project, where a team of artists painted a range of ground-based equipment (they wouldn’t let them paint a plane). 

[Pow! Wow! Hawaii x Fitted ] for Hawaiian Airlines from Jonas Maon on Vimeo.

Some of BMD’s recent signature work is black and white, but the Hawaiian airlines gig forced a departure.

Part of the design brief was to link in with a new safety kick by the carrier, including high-visibility colours and patterns.

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