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Cubism movement: Samsung NZ’s smart new project

I can imagine her delight when she hears of Samsung NZ’s new Home Smart Home project – a modern piece of architecture whereby the walls, windows, floors and fittings can be unhinged and moved into completely different spaces. 

The project is a collaboration between Samsung NZ and architects Jasmax, engineers Holmes Group, and builders NZ Strong to show off the brand’s latest home appliances (smart-phone activated washing machine and curved UHD TV included) in a familiar setting of the family home.

The design is made up of six rooms or ‘modules’ using basic materials of glass and timber walls, steel frames, and strandboard flooring. Furniture is by Simon James.

All of the cube-shaped rooms, except the kitchen (not so easy to move fixed plumbing), are designed in a way to be fully transformable to create different layouts. It’s getting the public involved, inviting them to choose a setting (movie and popcorn night, cocktail party, romantic dinner for two, etc) and listing a date they’d like to host their shindig. 

The home is open to visitors during October 4-21, on Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter (opposite the Viaduct Centre).

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