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Support needed for comfortable shoes campaign

Brand new Kiwi label Mbuba. (the first letter is silent) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to give uncomfortable heels the boot.

To achieve this, owner Rebekah Craig worked with an engineer on a footwear design modelled from basketball and soccer shoes. That’s right, Mbuba. has a range of three inch heels designed to look pretty and be comfortable, with engineered insoles, dri-fit lining and flexible outsoles. 

Says Rebekah: “I’m already feeling the love from women, especially in my inbox – I’m getting advice on marketing strategies and social media campaigns, all for free. Kiwi women obviously are tired of having to choose between comfort and fashion.”

Rebekah has decided against patenting the design. She’s more protective of fellow heel wearers and the damage bad alignment can cause.

This works the same with Mbuba.’s pricing model. “My motto with the footwear is ‘comfortable, fashionable, accessible’,” says Rebekah. “Keeping the price under the $200 mark means New Zealanders are getting quality footwear at an accessible price.”

Mbuba. has a collection of five shoes, including the ‘London’ shoe pictured above, and a spring/summer collection, with sleek, colourful stilettos and little black wedges, in the works.

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