Tackling NZ's agricultural emissions

Tackling NZ's agricultural emissions

Josh Pemberton, an intern at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, describes the Ag Dialogue exercise Motu ran last year. This short film exploring what reducing emissions really means for New Zealand’s farming communities was one result.


While Environment Southland’s report on water quality didn’t bode well for the water quality of the area, a new OECD report on water quality describes the overall state of New Zealand’s water as ‘good’ relative to most OECD countries. But the report does point out the quality is deteriorating, in large part because of diffuse pollution from agriculture. New Zealand’s water quality picture was recently revealed by one of the report’s authors, Kevin Parris of the OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate, who spoke at a water pollution conference in Rotorua on Friday.

Solar Energy

What would cause more than 500 people in China to flip company cars and storm the offices of a solar company? Solar may be heralded as a viable solution to our energy woes, but it takes power to make power and what you never hear about are the associated by-products created in the manufacturing of solar products. In protests that began on Thursday, protestors flooded the office of Jinko Solar Holding, a company that manufactures photovoltaic panels, wafers and cells. Protesters claim waste from the factory, located in Haining city in the Zhejiang province, is killing fish in a nearby river.