Most Creative People

The Lucky Taco's Otis and Sarah Frizzell were one of the People's Choice winners for the food/beverage category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. The Frizzells were in pretty early on the food truck trend with the ever-popular Lucky Taco, but they’ve taken it one creative step further than most, while their artistic skills are obvious in its range of Mexican products in supermarkets. Here, they talk inspiration, grit and turning your creative passion into a business.

Architecture Awards

Over twenty buildings have been crowned New Zealand’s premier architectural designs in the 2017 New Zealand Architecture Awards, while Patterson Associates’ Andrew Patterson received the Gold Medal – the highest personal honour an architect can receive. Here's a run down of the list of winners complete with all the aesthetically pleasing photos.

Smart homo sapiens

Recipients of the 2017 Edmund Hillary Fellowship have been announced. To mark the enormous achievement - a three-year fellowship programme offered for up to 100 high-calibre international entrepreneurs, investors and startup teams and 20 Kiwis to incubate and support innovative businesses that have the potential for a global impact - we're profiling some of the fellows. Up next is Little Yellow Bird's Samantha Jones.

Most Creative People

Heads of design at Citta Imogen Tunnicliffe and David Moreland were People's Choice winners for the design category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. The two are an influential pair, with their design decisions regularly rippling through their category and helping to turn a company that started off as an importer into a major force in the export of New Zealand-designed textiles, homewares and furniture. Here, they discuss creativity, inspiration and the design process.

Most Creative People

Donielle Brooke was one of the People's Choice winners in the retail category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. Brooke founded Designer Wardrobe, an online marketplace where users list, sell, rent or look for designer items on Facebook, in 2013, as a way to pay rent after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Now it’s surpassed 100,000 members and she recently crowd-funded $1.7 million in the space of a few days to grow her business. Here, she talks inspiration, challenges and creative intelligence.