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Customer feedback tool HappyOrNot launches covid-19 protective screens

HappyOrNot, a global leader in customer and employee feedback measurement, has recently launched its Covid-19 protective screens in New Zealand and Australia.

HappyOrNot provides actionable insights to help organisations improve their products and their service. Its innovative devices such as the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch, are used in retail and hospitality venues, aged care and health facilities, as well as the transportation industry for customers and employees to record their experience.

HappyOrNot’s Australasian distributor, Push My Button, is headed up by Auckland-based Derek Lamb and Steve foster, who say the protective screens will enable businesses to continue to gather crucial feedback during the pandemic.

“Now, more than ever, organisations need to do all they can to keep their customers and employees happy. By using HappyOrNot’s intuitive and interactive feedback devices with antiviral and antimicrobial screens, organisations can continue to take steps towards making improvements and positive change,” says Lamb.

Anonymous feedback is gathered from customers by simply pressing one of the four smiley faces on HappyOrNot devices or online using HappyOrNot’s Smiley Digital solutions, where customers can respond to tailored questions or surveys. The feedback devices are used in 135 countries and over 1 billion pieces of feedback have been recorded since the company was founded in 2009 in Finland.

The Covid-19 protective screens have been developed by Australian ASX-listed company Nanoveu and can eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses on digital devices.

“We’re delighted to bring the Nanoshield technology to New Zealand and Australia HappyOrNot customers at this crucial time. The screens are being used worldwide in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and they will be important in the future too,” says Steve Foster, who became the Australasia reseller of HappyOrNot in 2014 after experiencing the HappyOrNot feedback terminals at Heathrow Airport.

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