Idealog's 2019 Transformation Issue is out now!

Gratuitous self-promotion

Idealog's 2019 Transformation Issue is out now!

The 2019 Transformation issue of Idealog is out now and explores how individuals and businesses can adapt to change when applying new technologies, products, ways of working and embarking on new ventures. It also calls out the myth of instant entrepreneurial success by saying RIP to the overnight success story. Inside, there is stories on how six women leading in New Zealand tech carved their career paths, a profile on New Zealand's next potential billion-dollar-business, how three entrepreneurs took their idea to the world through exits, investments and expansions, how the healthcare system is in for an overhaul, all the finalists from our Wool-ovation competition with the New Zealand Merino Company, how the digital world is altering human connection through sex tech, and much, much, more. Read on for a full breakdown of what to expect inside the issue.


Well, you probably had noticed. It’s hard to miss. Newspaper articles and blogs everywhere herald their arrival. The stories usually follow the same general formula. A catalogue of amazing things that robots (really AI systems) can do. Debate about forced unemployment versus people freed up to do more interesting work. And then some comments about whether it’s for the good or bad. You can generally infer the general tone from the choice of image accompanying the story: a cute Japanese robot with a plastic smile, or a more sinister face with the Terminator’s jawline.