Case study: Leveraging social radio

Case study: Leveraging social radio

Radio is the original social medium, and with the explosion of digital social media it’s been just as successful at gathering communities of fans around it in the online world as it has offline. Real opportunity exists for brands looking to leverage these audiences and connect in meaningful ways

With a rich history in newspapers combined with the country's top news and information site and boasting New Zealand's largest newsroom by far, leading integrated media company Fairfax Media is in the sweet spot when it comes to marrying the credibility and trust of print media with digital innovation.

Idealog runs a well-calibrated ruler over this season's most compelling televised train wreck to reveal, once and for all, what makes The Ridges tick.

Imagine this: you started a business some time ago and it's doing well. Now it's time to take the next step and get your business online. However, when you go to check, you find someone has already secured your business’s name with a .nz domain name registrar. Effectively, you’ve been blocked from having that online address. So now what?

Igloo TV went live yesterday after months of false starts, though general manager Chaz Savage says the technical delays have proved a silver lining for the service.

The Shopping Channel launched last week to no shortage of fanfare, and there’s no question awareness of the channel was boosted significantly by the appearance of Eva Longoria. But by and large, unlike a certain online trading website that launched this week, the Shopping Channel’s much-hyped debut seems to have gone relatively smoothly, and both ACP, which announced its partnership with the channel at a gala event on Wednesday night, and Ogilvy, have big plans for the brand.

It's a fact of life in New Zealand that we have to wait a bit longer for our movies and TV shows than other markets, and to try and remedy this national sense of FOMO (and perhaps limit the associated pirating), MediaWorks has unveiled a new sub-brand called Fast Four that trumpets the fact Kiwis will be able to watch some of their favourite shows on-air within a week of their world premiere.

Whale Rider, Boy, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings... The New Zealand film and TV community is now a serious contributor to the economy, as detailed in a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.