Simon Devitt

Karaka Bay vs the killjoys


Karaka Bay vs the killjoys

Maverick architect, activist, and environmentalist Tony Watkins has lived in his home at Karaka Bay in Auckland's eastern suburbs for over fifty years. Here he writes about what it means to belong to the bay with photography by Simon Devitt from his recent photographic essay, Ripe Fruit Vol. 2.

Unconventional Architecture

Last night, the Auckland Art Gallery launched the exhibition: Unconventional Architecture, a celebration of award-winning photographer and publisher Simon Devitt’s latest book, Ripe Fruit Vol. 2. It represents the second part of a planned series of eight which celebrates an array of New Zealand poets, architects, and writers. The book showcases maverick architect, writer and environmentalist Tony Watkins' home in Karaka Bay, Auckland in a photographic essay. The exhibition, a one-night only membership event, saw the two venerable artists in conversation about design, unconventional thinking and the art of architecture and photography. We tracked down Watkins and Devitt to discuss the intriguing photographic series.