Capturing the Tasman Glacier’s icy transience

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Capturing the Tasman Glacier’s icy transience

The Queenstown duo behind the cover of Idealog’s Technology Issue ventured to the Tasman Glacier in June with the hope of projecting some ethereal imagery onto the South Island's icy terrain. These are the results of their most ambitious project to date.

Green Roof

If you’re a primary school wanting to incorporate an outdoor classroom into the learning environment, you can’t do much better scenery wise than Queenstown. Remarkables Primary School, a newly built enviro school has done just that by creating a roof top garden that that doubles as an outdoor learning and playing space for pupils and teachers. Designed by Auckland-based Greenroofs Ltd, it has a number of environmental benefits up its sleeves too. As well as reducing stormwater runoff, it also helps absorb aircraft noise from the nearby airport and helps merge the building into the surrounding landscape.