Stay safe

Yesterday it was reported that more than 700 million email addresses, and a number of passwords, have been leaked in what is already being referred to as one of the largest spambot dumps the world has ever seen.

Idealog + Kordia

Local tech success story RedShield, an innovative web application shielding service which Kordia offers as part of its cybersecurity portfolio, is helping businesses fight back against cybercriminals and online threats. CEO and co-founder Andy Prow talks to Ben Mack about the growing number of global cyber-attacks, the need for constant vigilance and the threat New Zealand businesses face.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

A growing community of civic hackers is working across the country to strengthen our democracy and make the world, or at least our local communities, a better place. On the 28 to 30 July, a hackathon was carried out with open data in eight cities across New Zealand. Aimee Whitcroft and Justine Pepperell explain the importance of GovHack, and what insights were gained from this year's session.

Be prepared

The recent NotPetya ransomware attack has caused havoc around the globe - and is the second major ransomware attack this year. Peter Bailey, general manager at Aura Information Security, chats with Idealog digital editor Ben Mack about what it means, what New Zealand businesses can do to protect themselves, and if this is the new norm.