New Zealand’s game development revenue cracks $100 million

Levelling up

New Zealand’s game development revenue cracks $100 million

The game development sector in New Zealand earned $99.87 million in the year ending March 2017, up from $88.9 million in the year previous. That’s double-digit growth – but those in the industry say with a little help, this figure could soar well beyond nine figures.


After recent reports that Australian supermarkets were taking Kiwi products off their shelves, NZTE Australia and Pacific regional director Michelle Templer says there’s a perception New Zealand products are less welcome.


“I won’t be a rock star,” said Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury. “I will be a legend.” A year after Sydney-based economist Paul Bloxham gave New Zealand’s economy its “rock star” status, Fiona Rotherham asks whether we truly have a rock star economy, whether legendary status is a possibility, or whether we’re going to start slipping down the charts in 2015