Beyond the quest to live forever: how healthcare is in for an overhaul

The future of healthcare

Beyond the quest to live forever: how healthcare is in for an overhaul

There has been a lot of ambitious talk in the healthcare industry to expand humans’ life spans, but what if the answer to an extended life isn’t radical procedures like gene editing, but personalised, preventative healthcare? A raft of technologies now available in the industry such as medical imaging diagnosis and autonomous surgical robots will wield big data to change the game for patient treatment. These developments in technology have enabled deeper, unique access into the health information of individuals, holding the promise of overall improved quality of human health. However, as with many radical new technologies, there are some scary side effects, as privacy and security concerns loom. We chat to some of the influential figures in the New Zealand healthcare industry about the challenges and opportunities of big data shaking up our healthcare.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

We gave Rich Tangney a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch Edison, a newly launched personalised healthcare service based in Auckland that includes detailed genetic profiling, 3D body imaging and even wearable tech to track their patients’ health and wellbeing – and hopefully, prolong their life span.