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Here's why experience is everything in design


Here's why experience is everything in design

The term 'experience design' has been used as a catch all for many things, and as the name suggests, it is a meta-term that can encompass a huge variety of disciplines. Head of digital at Colenso BBDO Matt Barnes asks, experience can be anything, right? It is how we encounter and navigate the world around us. Is a film director an experience designer? An architect? A designer of the humble teapot? A viticulturist? An artist? The answer is all of the above, for what on earth isn’t experience?

Design Thinking

What makes for good design? Exploring all things design, Semi-Permanent is an annual event held across Australia featuring some of the world’s best designers, and it’s coming to our shores in July. Here is Idealog’s interview with event guest speaker Hege Aaby of digital agency Sennep.