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Introducing Rhythm and Vines founder Hamish Pinkham’s latest event for creative minds: The Phoenix Summit

Idealog + The Phoenix Summit

Introducing Rhythm and Vines founder Hamish Pinkham’s latest event for creative minds: The Phoenix Summit

After 17 years at the helm of New Zealand’s award-winning new years festival, Rhythm and Vines, co- founder Hamish Pinkham has a new venture: The Phoenix Summit. Described as a meeting of creative minds, the one-day event being held in Auckland this month is a chance for budding music entrepreneurs and other creatives in Aotearoa to learn from some of the industry’s best on an international scale. Speakers on the bill include Ty Stiklorius, Friends at Work CEO and John Legend’s manager, Rob English, who has led the creative vision for Fortune 500 brands and creative directed for artists like Lady Gaga. Pinkham has a chat about what inspired the event, and why it’s relevant to all of the creative industries.

Wellbeing Month

When the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction report was released in December last year, it painted a grim picture. “New Zealand is experiencing a rising tide of mental distress and addiction,” it said. “The cost of poor mental wellbeing and addiction is high. It is a high cost to individuals, families and whānau, businesses and organisations, communities, government and the country as a whole.” While the spotlight has been shone on specific demographics, one sector that is also toiling under pressure is our creative industries. We all know the squeeze of creative work well: late nights, long hours, client demands, unrealistic deadlines, impostor syndrome, self-criticism. This, coupled with the sensitive disposition creative people tend to have, often creates an environment where mental health issues can flourish. In part one of a series, Elly Strang looks at the scale of the mental health problem in New Zealand's creative industries.

Creative pursuits

To better understand career sustainability in the arts and creative industries, Creative New Zealand and NZ On Air asked research agency Colmar Brunton to survey a range of creative professionals at the end of 2018. The results were released this week and show the challenges creatives are facing at commercialising their passions. Here, we break down the key learnings of the report.


Design Work is a new podcast hosted by New Zealand designer Kate Darby that interviews trailblazing creatives from all over the globe about how they design and how they embrace new modes of working. In the eighth episode, she chats with Alec Dudson, founder of Intern Magazine and lecturer at Leeds Arts University. Dudson started Intern as an independent publication in 2013 to create an open, frank discussion about the state of the creative industry and young people's place in it. Here, they discuss starting an independent publication, evolving it into a digital media house, call out culture pressuring brands and employers to hopefully to the right thing and why we need more young diverse voices in the creative industry.