The Race for Space: watch the pitches and meet the winners, Emergency Q and Feed My Furbaby

Idealog + Smales Farm

The Race for Space: watch the pitches and meet the winners, Emergency Q and Feed My Furbaby

Having a great idea for business is one thing, but bringing that idea to life? That’s where the hard work begins. A few months back, Idealog joined forces with Smales Farm to host The Race for Space. The competition gave entrepreneurs, start-ups and early stage businesses a chance to battle it out for a year’s free office space at New Zealand's smartest co-working space, the B:HIVE, on Auckland’s North Shore. Six finalists, seven judges, some careful deliberation and countless blueberry muffins later, a decision was made. And out of the impressive array of finalists – from AI chatbots to hemp tampons – it was Emergency Q, a healthcare application, that came out on top as the winner, while Feed My Furbaby was runner up. Here, we have a chat with the winners. PLUS: watch the wrap video of the finalists pitching their ideas.

Building smarter

Xero is on the move. Or, at least its Auckland offices are. But the company won’t be leaving the City of Sails – in fact, it’ll be moving into a new building that’s not only bigger, but might just be one of the most innovative offices in Aotearoa. Oh, and it’ll also host its own co-working space.

Idealog + ATEED

As the ways in which we innovate and do business change, so too are the spaces in which we do these things. Co-working spaces are no exception – especially not the co-working spaces that are helping to shape Auckland’s future.

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Co-working was once viewed as a micro-trend that would come and go, but doomsday predictors couldn’t have been further from the truth. The movement shows no signs of slowing down – and neither does one of New Zealand’s most profilic co-working space providers, BizDojo, which has just announced a Sylvia Park site. So, what’s the appeal for landlords?