How new collaborative spaces can help ensure Auckland is future ready

Idealog + ATEED

How new collaborative spaces can help ensure Auckland is future ready

In the past decade, co-working spaces have transported from the tech pockets of San Francisco, into mainstream global institutions. In Auckland, the trend has been acutely felt, spurring the creation of GridAKL, an ever-growing innovation campus in Wynyard Quarter. It ties into a greater plan by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) and Auckland Council’s Innovate Auckland initiative, to welcome diversity of thought – mixing government, businesses and communities to drive innovation and solve the city’s complex challenges. We chat to Marissa Brindley, Manager Innovation Precincts at ATEED and Kerry Topp, Associate Director, Transformation and Innovation at Datacom, and voice of Wynyard Innovation Neighbourhood (WIN), to explain the benefits of these spaces and how innovation can help solve some of Auckland’s complex challenges and ensure the city is best prepared for the future.

Wellbeing Month

Cities are systems in which the people are meant to thrive, but Isthmus creative director David Irwin says the design of them is instead accentuating many of the human ailments, such as stress, anxiety and depression. Here, he outlines how using a human-centric approach in urban design can support the needs of a modern world.

Hit the road

Steve Burgess is a transport engineer and urban strategist with 30 years’ experience around movement, transport, place, car parking, and their influence on the prosperity of towns and cities. Here, he explains the challenges of making streets really work for people – and why the best designed streets were built before 1940.

City crafting

The statistics don’t lie: the bulk of the those that are designing living and urban spaces in New Zealand cities are men – but the times are changing. Globally, there is a conversation taking place on what cities would look like if equal weighting was given to all of its citizens in the design process. We spoke with Women In Urbanism, a recently formed organisation in Aotearoa, about how it's aiming to give a voice to those who don’t fit the pale and male image that dominates the architecture and engineering fields.