Idealog + Kordia

Local tech success story RedShield, an innovative web application shielding service which Kordia offers as part of its cybersecurity portfolio, is helping businesses fight back against cybercriminals and online threats. CEO and co-founder Andy Prow talks to Ben Mack about the growing number of global cyber-attacks, the need for constant vigilance and the threat New Zealand businesses face.

Techweek AKL

Next week, Techweek AKL hosts Ethereum NZ, New Zealand’s first blockchain and smart contract conference. We talk to conference organiser and early adopter Mark Pascall about bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum and what we’re supposed to do with it all.


In the last day or so, two publications have posted separate investigations into the real identity of the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto (or should we say “Satoshi Nakamoto”). We break down the various evidence for those that don’t want to read through the leaked emails, cached websites and tax department documents.