Innovation/Product Design

We’ve seen examples of wooden bikes before, like the award winning bike by Kiwi company Wishbone Design Studio. But a bicycle made entirely out of wood, with no nails, no rubber tyres, no chain? Now you’re talking.


Fancy cycling your way through the supermarket on a bike that, how convenient, doubles as a shopping trolley? The ‘shopping bike’ by Arnaud Zill from Switzerland is just one of the 190 shortlisted entries in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition, with the winners just announced.

Exterior Design

If this brilliant display of exterior decoration doesn’t steal the attention f passers-by, nothing will. German bike shop owner Chrsitian Petersen has opted to cover the exterior façade of his shop in Altlandsberg, Germany, with 120 bicycles.

This is Kiwi ingenuity at it's best. Jen and Rich, owners of Wishbone Design, have crafted a sustainable bike that grows with its rider. It's so good, that Time Magazine even featured it in its annual Style & Design 100.