Futureproofing our innovation


Futureproofing our innovation

Telecommunications infrastructure provider Chorus is keeping our high tech companies connected.When you are the country’s largest telecommunications infrastructure player and are tasked with supplying nearly one million homes and businesses and close to 2500 schools with ultra-fast broadband by 2020, sometimes you have to do things a bit differently.


Kiwi illustrator and animator Kieran Rynhart has beaten out 6,000 submissions to be selected as one of Luerzerʼs Archive Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide for 2010/2011. His submission, titled ʻSt. Brendanʼ, was picked by a panel of the worlds industry-leading art directors, creative directors and illustrators.


Much sympathy and concern to our friends and colleagues in Christchurch. Your loss is ours. And let us know about how you and your workplaces are affected. We’re keen to hear and help. Just add your news to the comment thread. Also, Google has created this people finder if you're concerned about anyone in Christchurch.


Whe Len Brown became the first Mayor of the new Auckland Super City, he immediately pledged an ambitious goal to make Auckland “the most liveable city in the world”. The New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development (NZCID) says the government could learn a lesson or two from a recent study trip undertaken by its chief executive Stephen Selwood and Paul Buetow, infrastructure partner at law firm Kensington Swan.


While London practically hyperventilates with excitement at the news of an impending royal wedding and that ring, a more subtle celebration of royal jewels is taking place in its parks.


We absolutely love this animated map of Auckland’s public transport network. It’s the clever creation of Chris McDowall, who describes it as “...the map I used to daydream about”. As a child sitting on the bus, McDowall says he’d wonder “...what the transportation network would look like if we could see the movements of the individual vehicles from the air”. After Auckland Transport published its Google Transit Feed data on the MAXX website last year, McDowall created a software that brought the animated map to life, showing the increasing movements of public transport vehicles over the day, starting from 3am on a Monday morning. Check it out here.