Emerging Talent


How the crazy cartoons of a Pulitzer prize-winning American engineer became the crazy inventions of a Kiwi software developer, who became the subject of a New Zealand-made movie, out in July.

As New Zealand receives its rollout of ultra-fast broadband, an ecosystem of tech people and business wizards are coming together to invent applications – to make sure that when UFB has arrived, New Zealand is ready to take full advantage. They’re coming together under ngConnect.

When it comes to major billboards and outdoor campaigns the big boys call on Boston Digital. As preferred supplier to APN Outdoor and iSite, when it comes to sticking things up and wrapping things up - from the smallest to the largest - Boston Digital have the vision, skills, materials and capacity covered.

Using research and development as a primary factor in its marketing has paid huge dividends for Westland Milk Products, with its innovative research – helped along by a top award – proving a key to its success in securing new customers.