Agony Lance: Governance guidance

Agony Lance: Governance guidance
Where can we find best practices, standards and so on, in one place?

Where can we find best practices, standards and so on, in one place? @Nz_nicola

In New Zealand the Institute of Directors (IoD) is set up as the professional organisation for directors. They run courses, have regional meetings and publish best practices.

The IoD itself is undergoing a revolution, with improved courses and publications, and members will be required to participate in ongoing professional development.

The particular IoD course I was on was suitable for directors from all sorts of entities, as we had a very diverse set of organisations represented in the room.

There was a lot to learn – such as the large differences between a public, private and government-owned entity, and the vastly standard of rigour required by directors under the new health and safety legislation.

You may also want to check out the University of Waikato’s governance program, Springboard NZ, and check out Women on Boards. I also recommend reading the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance – I learned from the person who wrote the first version.

Above all, just pick up the phone and talk to people in similar board roles. The greatest lessons from these courses, and often in life, comes from listening to stories from people who have done it before. 

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