Young Kiwi minds will share their 'ideas worth spreading' at TEDxYouth this weekend

Young Kiwi minds will share their 'ideas worth spreading' at TEDxYouth this weekend

Young Kiwis have "ideas worth spreading" and the first TEDxYouth in Auckland this weekend promises to help with that.

The Auckland Museum will receive the first ever TEDxYouth event in Auckland on Saturday (26 October). The 500 tickets available sold out within days but the event will be livestreamed here.

TEDxYouth coordinator and Auckland Museum Digital Strategist Nils Pokel says selecting the speakers for the inaugural Auckland Museum TEDxYouth event has filled him with optimism for the future.

“When you meet these young people and hear what they’ve achieved already and what they are planning to do next, it makes you feel incredibly hopeful about the future. They don’t seem to be held back by the ‘what-ifs’ that a lot of adults live by, they are more likely to think ‘why not?’,” says Pokel.

The TEDx team chose the speakers both from nominations and some approaches to youth they had heard about through projects they had led. 

Among the list of brilliant young Kiwis will be Laura Dekker - the girl who, at 16, became the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly - as well as 16 year old actor, director and producer Elspeth Carroll. Brian Haley Gashema, the 17 year old who recently got a standing ovation from the TEDx event in Auckland for his work "I am Me" will also take part. The full list of young speakers can be found here.

“The overarching idea of TEDxYouthAuckland is to spark conversations, to provide a space to voice brave new ideas or fresh views on old ones – to surprise, entice and enable new thinking," adds Pokel.

“There is such incredible content on the TEDx platform and this event is a chance to introduce New Zealand youth to the platform and see where they take it. This is a chance for Kiwi kids to get global exposure and access to other great minds and then who knows where it will take them or who it will bring them together with.”

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