Book reviews: The New Rules of Management, So Far, & Heart to Start

Book reviews: The New Rules of Management, So Far, & Heart to Start
Three great books. One loaded with loaded with figures, diagrams and case studies, with a few nuggets of management advice. One a lushly illustrated book for the budding designer. And Handley runs through his entrepreneurial history so far, covering very high highs and some equally low lows.
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The New Rules of Management by Peter Cook

I gave this book to Mike Hutcheson to review, but when I went to crack the whip to get his copy, he said “I’m sick of being told how to revolutionise business” and was less than enthusiastic. Not the best start.

And it’s loaded with figures, diagrams and case studies, which riled Mr Hutcheson even further. 

The book is split into three parts: personal, team, andorganisation. Within that are overviews, projects, frameworks and so on. It makes for a logical deconstruction of management, but it doesn’t necessary lend itself to a more social humanistic style.

Still, you’ll pick up a few nuggets of advice, such as ‘perfection is the enemy of completion’ and the idea that everything we do is an instinct, a response, a habit, a system or a project. And the ‘personal’ section is the best if you’re in need of a bit of a kick up the bum.

- Hazel Phillips

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So Far by David Trubridge

Too good for the coffee table, this lushly illustrated book will give the budding designer an insight into what it means to truly live and breathe your work.

Not just a monograph, So Far is a very personal account of David Trubridge’s life, works and thoughts on the creative process from the man himself.

The book documents not only the Trubridges’ stunning furniture and lighting, but also the natural patterns that influence his design and the design concepts that inform his work. Beautifully produced, and thoroughly informative, this book will be essential reading for anyone interested in art, design, architecture and creativity.

- Aimee Carruthers

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Heart to Start by Derek Handley 

Here at Idealog we’re big fans of Mr Handley, so this one was on the reading list as soon as we heard whispers of its impending publication.

It’s odd for someone so young to be penning what is essentially a memoir, but you get the feeling, that there’ll be Part Two before too many more years are up.

Handley runs through the story of his entrepreneurial history, covering very high highs and some equally low lows.

There’s also a practical guide for shaping your dreams and goals and making them actually (gasp!) happen, as well as ‘redesigning habits’ and time management. In reality, it’s crucial stuff.

- Hazel Phillips

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