Kiwi expats feeling the pull of ‘brand New Zealand’

Kiwi expats feeling the pull of ‘brand New Zealand’

More than half of the respondents of this year’s Kea’s Every Kiwi Counts survey to expat New Zealanders earn in excess of $100,000 per year. The average salary of skilled Kiwi expats is, in fact, rising - with a 3 percent rise in those earning $100,000 and over since the last survey in 2011. And yet, more and more of them are feeling the desire to connect with home, even though their earning power would be considerably less in New Zealand.

According to the results of the 2013 edition of the survey, 40 percent of respondents are considering purchasing property in New Zealand, while a further 13 percent already own residential property in the country. Over half of respondents are, in fact, actively looking or thinking about looking for jobs in New Zealand.

The survey of over 12,000 expats, released by Kea and research partners Colmar Brunton also shows that Kiwi expats are doing a great job promoting the country overseas, with 98 percent actively promoting New Zealand and recommending it as a destination to their overseas networks.

“New Zealand has the highest proportion of highly skilled workers based offshore in the OECD, a community of a million people - a population much larger than New Zealand’s second biggest city - so connecting this community and enabling them to contribute whilst offshore holds significant value to the nation,” says Kea Global CEO Sue Watson.

Kea’s online community has more than quadrupled to over 150,000 in the last 14 months. ““At Kea we see the intrinsic value of connecting this borderless nation and the benefits that flow to New Zealand from harnessing it. Every Kiwi Counts certainly underlines our thinking, and highlights the overwhelming positivity of our expat community, their drive to achieve great things and, ultimately, their desire to connect to and advocate for New Zealand through Kea,” adds Watson.

According to Colmar Brunton CEO Jacqueline Ireland, the survey provides up to date data and information that help leverage the full value of Kea’s global network. “Kea has built an impressive network of Kiwis around the world. This survey confirms they are highly educated people with stature and influence in their respective markets and have a real passion for promoting Brand New Zealand,” she says. “By drilling down into the survey results Kea will be extremely well placed to leverage their global network, which may be increasingly important in light of recent events.”

The 2013 Kea Every Kiwi Counts survey can be downloaded at

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