Book review: Who Killed Scott Guy?

Who Killed Scott Guy? It's both a question and the title of a new book from North & South writer Mike White, who's penned a series of lengthy and excellent articles on the subject.

The reader won't find any conclusive answer to that question in White's book, which perhaps should be called Who Didn't Kill Scott Guy? For the book does indeed offer an answer to that one: Ewen Macdonald.

It's a book that unquestionably sides with Macdonald, while making the occasional attempt to appropriate perspectives (via existing media material) from others in the saga – such as Kylee Guy – in a bid for objectivity. However Bryan and Jo Guy stated that White never approached them while writing the book (perhaps understandably) so it should indeed be seen as 'on the side of Ewen' and read with that understanding.

The book hasn't been well received by Kylee Guy, whose sister Chanelle Bullock called it "an absolute joke".

Most of the 300 or so pages are dedicated to convincing readers of Macdonald's innocence. Indeed, when presented this way Macdonald's innocence almost seems a certainty. White dedicates a chapter towards the end speculating on the issues Macdonald would have had to deal with, had he committed the murder – such as 'THE DOGS', 'THE WIVES' and 'THE BIKE'.

Such speculation is unnecessary as the facts speak for themselves; for example, Macdonald had such a limited window of time in which to commit the murder; the footprints of the dive boots at the crime scene showed a different number of waves to those on the size he would have worn; and then, well, the overwhelming lack of evidence. There is plenty more, just read the book.

It's a quick, easy read and will appeal to anyone who followed the trial and/or enjoyed White's articles in North & South. That material, however, is repeated in the book, so readers may find themselves retreading old ground.

Surprisingly, the book contains no endnotes or footnotes to explain where the material came from, but you get the feeling that White has checked his facts rigorously. I'll be interested to see if White keeps on writing books (he really should).

Meanwhile, another book is due out next month on Bryan and Jo Guy's perspective by author Tony Farrington. It has a very fetching rainbow on the cover.

Who Killed Scott Guy? Allen & Unwin, $36.99

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