The Icehouse wants to find answers to Kiwi entrepreneurs’ questions

The Icehouse wants to find answers to Kiwi entrepreneurs’ questions

Kiwi entrepreneurs, have you got any burning business questions?

For the next four weekends, The Icehouse is opening up its network to help New Zealand entrepreneurs find answers to their most critical questions.

People can submit their questions from 26 August to 13 September and The Icehouse will connect at least five people per week to others in its network who can help.

“Even the smartest business people sometimes come across a challenge they can’t solve alone.  Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or have been going for a while, knowing when to ask for help is a key skill to ensure long-term success. We don’t have all the answers either, but we know lots of very smart and experienced people who are keen to help Kiwi startups and businesses. And we want to encourage Kiwi entrepreneurs to ask for help,” says Andy Hamilton, CEO of The Icehouse.

He says that, over the last 12 years, The Icehouse has helped thousands of NZ businesses grow through its programmes and is keen to help many more in the future. “We have many amazing people in our network who are just as passionate about helping Kiwi business and entrepreneurs as we are. With this initiative we want to give more people access to the expertise within our network.”

There are no limitations around the types of questions that can be asked. However, questions need to be specific. “The more specific the question/problem is the easier it is for us to find someone who can help,” he says.  

“We would love to be able to connect everyone who submits a question but chances are we won’t be able to. We will do as many connections as we can, and commit to a minimum of five per week. The best way of increasing the chances of being connected is to ask specific and clear questions.”

Questions can be submitted via The Icehouse website:

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