Are you frustrated at work?

Are you frustrated at work?

Instead of filling out HR forms that get lost on their way to the right desk or complaining to your co-workers until they can’t stand listening to you anymore, you can talk about your workplace frustrations by taking part in The Great New Zealand Employment Survey, which closes next Monday, 12 August.

The survey, conducted by Clarian HR in partnership with Massey University, aims to engage people in the workplace quicker and more efficiently, be they managers of employees. Until next Monday, participants can anonymously have their say about what their workplace is really like.

“This survey differs from an engagement survey in that it goes behind the well-known drivers of engagement and identifies the action plan.  We want to provide information that creates a greater understanding of what managers can actually do on a daily basis to engage their staff.  With an understanding of the gap in perception between managers and employees, we are able to uncover practical solutions that can help them address what’s causing these different perceptions,” says Clarian CEO Clare Parkes.

The survey, which is now in its fifth year, asks questions related to both organisational and individual resilience. For the second year Massey University is the analytical and research partner for the survey, supporting the Clarian team in identifying connections, as well as causes and solutions to issues raised by the survey.

“Massey’s input is invaluable and allows for debate around the findings with leaders of all businesses. The survey provides insightful results each year, allowing our clients to reflect on how they can make changes that align with their strategic goals and the feedback from employees, and that increases engagement and the opportunity for success in the ongoing complex world of business,” says Parkes.

According to associate professor Jane Parker, of Massey’s School of Management, the university brings a range of expertise to the survey. “The Massey team are excited that the inclusion of organisational and individual resilience is included this year as we believe this is a unique construct not yet tested, that has significant impact on levels of engagement.  With the drivers of engagement already well researched, we believe The Great New Zealand Employment Survey brings a new and more actionable data set,” she says.

“We see this partnership with Clarian as two progressive organisations committed to improving the understanding of issues affecting the New Zealand workforce,” adds Parker.

New Zealand managers and employees can participate in the survey until 12 August. Click here to complete the survey.

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