Fashion designer's crusade for the kilos

Annah Stretton launches mammoth (pardon the pun) national weight loss campaign.

Influential Kiwi fashion designer and entrepreneur Annah Stretton today launched a national campaign to help overweight New Zealanders ‘fight the fat’.

The aim of Stretton’s Million for a Million promotion is to get one in every four Kiwis to lose one kilo each – that’s a million kilos all up.

Each kilo lost will raise $1 towards creating awareness of our national obesity epidemic and prompting Kiwis of all ages to trim down by adopting healthier eating habits and being more active.

Alarmingly, about one in two New Zealanders are currently overweight or obese, thereby putting their general wellbeing, heart health and often their lives at risk. Coronary heart disease continues to be the biggest killer among New Zealanders with one person dying from it every 90 minutes.

One kilo may seem like a drop in the ocean, but Stretton is positive that people will use the incentive launch pad for continuing to lose more.

"Even if each participant just incorporates one healthy habit into their daily life we will have been successful," Stretton said. "The journey towards heart health is about making small but achievable lifestyle changes."

The Million for a Million campaign will run for the month of October and will culminate in a wall of fame web page with one million names and photos, showing those who have each lost a kilo.

Stretton was inspired to launch the charitable project following her recent Dry July 30-day hiatus from alcohol as part of a $500,000 fundraiser for Northern Regional Cancer and Blood Service at Auckland City Hospital.

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